Ija Del Mar
32 years
170 cm - 5'7''
64 kg - 142 lbs
80 cm - 31'' B


Tuesday, January 03, 2023

available to shoot
I often have free moments/days to shoot!
Don't hesitate to contact me! I'm sure we can work out a date to shoot that suits both!

able to move myself within the northern regions (Belgium, northern France, Netherlands, northwest of Germany and Luxemburg)
Style: negotiable
interested? send me a message through my contactform or email me at ijadelmar@gmail.com

I have gotten 3 shots of the vaccin, so I'm fully protected.


Friday, November 22, 2019

* Languages : please contact me only in English or Dutch. I don't speak French, German, ... English will most likely be the easiest way to communicate.

* Travelling :
Yes I can travel! please be aware that any costs to travel (car, train, plane) and accomodations must be payed. If there are multiple shoots on location, those costs can be divided by the amount of bookings (obviously)

* shooting styles:

  • portrait
  • fashion
  • lingerie
  • swimwear
  • implied
  • topless
  • artistic nude
  • erotic art (depending on portfolio photographer)
  • toys
  • girl-girl and boy-girl

* payments / collaboration / TFP:
I rarely shoot collaboration or TFP-assignments. For exceptional portfolios this is negotiable. Feel free to ask !
my rates are very reasonable but within market rates.
Depending on the shoot, I'll charge an hourly fee + transportcosts (mostly just price of fuel). For longer bookings a discount can be made.

* traveling :
I don't travel alone, so I will always bring someone with me. I've done hundreds of shoots in the past 9 year without any problem whatsoever.

  • this person is my driver
  • my security (yes, there's alot of weirdos out there)
  • my stylist
  • my mentor and manager
  • my translator where needed
  • assistant to myself or the photographer if needed
  • my social media-guru (behind the scenes content for Instagram and other sites)

His presence is non-negotiable. If this is not allowed, we will not shoot!

* fun !
I'm all about having fun between shots. When you want me to be serious, I will, but beside that we have to laugh, that's just obligated! A fun shoot will most likely become a good shoot!

* questions:
want to know more ?
just ask !
Use the contactform on this site or email me directly at ijadelmar@gmail.com

Please: be specific in what you want to shoot:

- style(s)

- shootlocation

- expected duration of the shoot

- renumeration if you have something in mind allready